CoJ Wolf
Wolves (Canis lupus) are carnivorous mammals and members of the dog family. They serve as an occasional enemy in Call of Juarez


Gray wolves are large, slender animals with descending ribcages, sloping backs, and muscular necks. The limbs are long, and robust, with small paws. The head is large, with a wide forehead, strong jaws, and long muzzles. The ears are small, and triangular. Wolves are also very fast, capable of running 35-40 mph, and at slower speeds, can run continously for 20 minutes. Wolves are also pack animals, usually in sizes of 5-11 individuals.

Call of JuarezEdit

In Episode I after obtaining a weapon at Jones' farm, Billy heads down a path leading to Hope and is assaulted by a wolf. Wolves also appear in Episodes IV, VI, and VII.

Call of Juarez: GunslingerEdit

A wolf was briefly encountered by Silas Greaves during his bounty hunt for Apache chief Grey Wolf.

Combat TipsEdit

Wolves are rather harmless in the game, dealing very little damage. They are easily heard identified by their growling noises, and will pause before attacking the protagonist. Ray can easily dispatch them in Concentration Mode, or even kick them to death.


  • Ray McCall mentions in a Memory in Bound in Blood that he isn't afraid of wolves.
  • In actuality, it isn't recommended to kick wild wolves. Wolves are far more dangerous and faster than they appear ingame, and usually travel in greater numbers unless seperated or banished from the pack.
  • Wolves will chase the player relentlessly. The player can run back to Jones' farm and hide up on the roof, humorously causing the wolf to try to reach the player. In Episode IV, if the player runs off the cliffs backwards, and look up, the wolves will run off the cliff, causing the player and the wolves to fall to their death. Also, as Billy, one can whip a tree, and pull themself up, causing the wolves to huddle together lunging at Billy, failing to injure him. Two wolves spawn in the woods near the angry farmer's ranch. If the player gets a wolf behind the horse, the player can kill the wolf by slapping the horses' hindquarters (which causes the horse to kick).
  • In Bound in Blood the wolf model is recycled as a coyote. Seeing Farther claims the "Great Coyote" is the reincarnated spirit of his great-grandfather.

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