This page is a list of confirmed Voice Actors that appear in the Call of Juarez series.

Call of Juarez Edit

Character English voice
Reverend Ray Marc Alaimo
Billy Candle David E. Taylor
Clyde Forrester Ralph Alan Steadman
Calm Water Robert Greygrass
Suzy Shannon McNally
Molly Lisa Ann Orkin
Ty Stewart Miles Phillips
Matthew Parker Patrick Dollaghan
Other characters Ralph Alan Steadman
Miles Phillips
Tom Todoroff
Sanford Orkin
Shannon McNally
Lisa Ann Orkin

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Edit

Character English voice
Ray McCall Marc Alaimo
Thomas McCall Zach Hanks
William McCall Carlos Alazraqui
Marisa Giselle Anthony
Juan "Juarez" Mendoza Rene Mujica
Jeremy Barnsby John Cygan
Running River Jay Tavare
O'Donnell Patrick Dollaghan
Seeing Farther Dante Basco
Other characters Kim Compeau
John Cygan
Patrick Dollaghan (Multiplayer announcer)

Call of Juarez: The Cartel Edit

Character English voice
Ben McCall Casey Sander
Eddie Guerra Zeus Mendoza
Kim Evans Janora McDuffie
Jessica Stone Tara Sands
Antonio Alvarez Jesse Corti
Michael Duke John Cygan
Juan Mendoza Sal Lopez
Jesus Mendoza Eric Lopez
Shane Dickson Sumalee Montano
Joseph B. Reynolds Patrick Dollaghan
Flaco Lombardo Boyar
Baressi Charles Dennis
Dempsey Adam G.
Deon Evans Vince Green
Javier John Steven Rocha
Ron Lindsay Craig South
Other characters Kevin Daniels
Eliza Schneider
Kim Compeau
Jessi Corti
Sumalee Montano
Lombardo Boyar
John Steven Rocha
Tara Sands
John Cygan
Eric Lopez
Vince Green
Adam G.
Craig South
Sal Lopez
Patrick Dollaghan

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Edit

Character English voice
Silas Greaves John Cygan
Ben Paul Eiding
Dwight D. Eisenhower Sam Riegel
Molly Dorie Barton
Jack Dale Inghram
Steve Joe Hanna
Grey Wolf Robert Greygrass
Old Man Clanton Patrick Dollaghan
Henry Plummer Adam G.
Kid Curry Dan Gilvezan
Other characters Jessi Corti
Patrick Dollaghan
Adam G.
Dan Gilvezan
Craig South
Matt Wolf

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