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"The legend of the Lost Gold of Juarez has been passed from one generation to the next, since the time of Hernándo Cortés. It was said to the ransom for Montezuma, held hostage by the Spanish in the great Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. The treasure disappeared soon after the sacking of the city, some believe it's buried near the border town of Juarez. The legend relates that the Aztec Sun God put a curse on that treasure. All who seek it will find only madness in their own perdition. This avaricious madness has come to be known as... the Call of Juarez."
E01 Intro

The Prologue to Call of Juarez, exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

<Episode I>


A man pushed a tarp covered wagon inside of a fortress. A Mexican man on a balcony in the building inside expressed surprise at seeing the mysterious man again. He said he knew his son was hiding in the man's shadow, and asked rhetorically if he thought he or his God could protect him. The man said nothing, and then pulled the tarp off the wagon revealing a gatling gun. He then mounted the weapon as the Mexican retreated inside the building. The man opened fire on the Mexican's minions and proceeded to mow down all opposition...





Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit



  • This entire level takes place in Episode XIV.
  • Though this level is absent in the PC version, the introduction to it remains.

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