Mrs. Powell is a character in Call of Juarez. She is the wife of Tim Powell, Hope's sheriff.

Early LifeEdit

For sometime, Mrs. Powell was married to Tim, and was a frequent attender of Hope's church, pastored by Ray McCall.

Call of JuarezEdit

On a Sunday in the summer of 1884, Mrs. Powell was attending Ray's church service. During the service, Clyde Forrester interrupted Ray and began a heated argument. Ray ordered the man to leave, however Clyde quieted himself and stayed.

Suddenly, a woman burst into the church telling Ray that she had heard gunshots at Ray's brother Thomas' farm. Ray grabbed his Bible and left.

Ray discovered his brother and wife dead, and believed that Marisa's son Billy Candle had murdered them. Later that same day, Ray donned his gunfighter outfit, and holstered his revolvers intent on killing Billy. However, Ray was stopped by Tim, telling Ray that Billy was under his jurisdiction. Ray informed Powell he was under a higher law. Tim, attempted to calm Ray down, but was shot dead by a man in the posse surrounding him.

This caused a riot that spilled into the streets of Hope. After killing four outlaws, Ray discovered Mrs. Powell being assaulted by two men. Ray burst into the hotel room she was staying in and killed her attackers.

Mrs. Powell, upset over her husband's death, gave Ray the keys to the sheriff's office, telling him to stop the outlaws.

It is unknown what becomes of her afterwards.


Mrs. Powell is a middle-aged woman. She had dark brown hair, and a green dress and bonnet.


Mrs. Powell appears to have a womanly attitude, and is very grief-stricken after her husband's death.


  • Mrs. Powell's character model is used as a corpse outside of the town in the mission "Ghost Town". She also appears as a generic townswoman in the mission "Showdown at Round Rock".
  • It is unknown what her first name is.

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