Nicole Hart is a character featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. She is the sister of Suzy Hart and was kidnapped by Javier, owner of the Candy Store.

Early LifeEdit

Sometime before July 18th, 2011, Nicole had applied for a job at the Candy Store. Shortly after, she was kidnapped by Javier and taken to a warehouse at the Port of Los Angeles along with dozens of other women.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

On July 18th, Ben McCall, Eddie Guerra, and Kim Evans go to Suzy's room ta a brothel. Ben and Suzy discuss Nicole's situation while Kim and Eddie listen.

Suzy claims that Nicole was introduced to a man named Javier, by her friend Tina, that could get her a job as a stripper. She accepted the job, but was kidnapped and along with many other women in one of the Mendoza Cartel's sex trafficking rings.

After going through the Candystore to get to Tina and Javier, the Interagency Task Force travels to the docks with SWAT and LAPD officers.

SWAT and the LAPD manage to fight off Araña gangsters, and allow the Task Force to get into the warehouse. There the team discovers the Cartel is also housing shipments of marijuana. The team takes down the gangsters and sex traffickers and find Nicole and the other girls.

Afterwards, the LAPD and SWAT investigate the warehouses and surrounding areas. Ben meanwhile, contacts Suzy and tells her that Nicole is in the hospital and needs time to clean up.

Nicole is not mentioned again afterwards.


  • Strangely, Nicole is never seen in any point in the game, although in the final room in the warehouse, it is implied one of the girls is Nicole.
  • Nicole is of Greek origin and means "victory of the people". This could reference how the Task Force is victorious in rescuing her.

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