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This page lists news items posted at the wiki.

Current newsEdit

  • -overlord-

    It's Been Awhile

    October 26, 2015 by -overlord-

    It's been awhile indeed. No any solid news about new Call of Juarez game. Latest word from Techland is from last summer (2015), Eurogamer's interview. That's what they had to say:

    "It was 2006 Wild West shooter Call of Juarez - a partnership with Ubisoft - that put the studio on the global map. But the series floundered in 2011 with a modern day instalment - Call of Juarez: The Cartel - which, by Marchewka's own admission, was "a mistake". "It wasn't a bad game," he added, "but it wasn't finished when we released it."

    The most recent Call of Juarez game was smaller, downloadable instalment Gunslinger, "a welcome return to the series' original source material, both in its systems and narrative", we said. And it's that Gunslinger template Techland will probably return to in the future.

    "We co-own the IP with Ubisoft, so we are joined together," Marchewka said. "We have to decide together when will be the best time to maybe produce another version of Gunslinger. Probably we will stay with t…

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  • Foreborn

    Another New Background

    December 20, 2013 by Foreborn

    Yes, another new background image, making this the fourth one used on this site, and the third bearing the name "Project McCall". I'm aware that I made the last background image only seven months ago, and it was a lot of work I might add. Unfortunately, Wikia chose now, after we'd gotten used to it, to undo their mind-bogglingly stupid move of shrinking Wikia sites. What I mean by that, is that there is a lot less space for background images and more for page content, which really is a good thing except for the fact it ruined the background image we had. Even the one before that wouldn't look right at this point.

    So began my long hassle with Wikia, as I tried to figure out the new parameters for background images. Over the course of this frustrating adventure, things in my mind included, "Wikia, why do you hate me?" and a recurrence of unhealthy thoughts about killing chickens. You see, it's an entirely new background image because Wikia has a 150 kilobyte size limit on background images.…

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  • -overlord-

    Two Gunslinger developer diary videos have been released. In the first video, writer Rafal W. Orkan reveals who was the inspiration for Silas Greaves from real life and Pawel Blaszczak talks about the music, among other things. In the second video, writer Haris Orkin talks about Gunslinger's background and movies that provided inspiration. "I think that there's a chance to make another game in this franchise. And this time go even bigger." Gunslinger has been a success so it would be a crime to not make another Call of Juarez game :)

    "How the West Was Won Again"

    "The Story of Call of Juarez Gunslinger" by Haris Orkin

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  • Foreborn

    “I loved you and you lied to me, both of you! You betrayed me!” –Ray McCall, expressing my feelings on Call of Juarez: The Cartel to Techland and Ubisoft.

    Even if you were one of those who liked that game, you have to admit it was a huge misstep to take an American Old West series into modern day. It’d be like making an all-modern Assassin’s Creed. Thankfully, in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger we’re back to basics. Gunslinger is an excellent game, but it's not at the level of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, or the original Call of Juarez.

    The music is amazing of course, Pawel Blasczak is a great composer. Some of the music are revised versions of music from the previous games, which is great because they had excellent music as well. The scenery is gorgeous and just as good as the previous games. I had sincere doubts about the new comic book style, but the beauty of the landscapes doesn’t suffer, and the style isn’t that bad after all. Despite that, I’m hoping it won’t return in the next game…

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  • Foreborn

    New Background

    May 17, 2013 by Foreborn

    Notice something different on Project McCall, the Call of Juarez Wiki today? Yes, it's a new background. The third background this Wiki has had, in fact. The first "Project McCall" background (With Ray on the left and Billy on the right) was made as a replacement for (my apologies to Ausir for this but it's the truth) that absolutely terrible original background. With inexperience, the background I created always had some issues, the primary one being the sharpening effect I used to try and hide a few unavoidable glitches in my copy-pasting, and the second being the downgraded quality due to my having to compress it, as it was too large.

    Thankfully I've had much more experience with photo-editing and technique since then. I'm happy to announce that after 1 year, 9 months and 27 days, I have replaced it with the second "Project McCall" background, this one is in better quality, though it also had to be downgraded slightly due to being over the file size limit, but it is in my opinion, and…

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  • Foreborn

    Thanks to Tassanee over at CoJFans, whom personally knows Haris Orkin (one of the two writers of Call of Juarez, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, "That game", and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger), we managed to get a second interview with him. You may recall our list of Confirmed Facts, that was actually our first interview with him. Because of the somewhat sensitive nature of our trying to get in touch with him (Ubisoft's BS with that Family Tree for... that game), and the way we were all agreeing how stupid Ubisoft was, I decided for the time being it was best to have him remain anonymous. It probably wouldn't have mattered, but it seemed like the logical course of action at the time. Here is the interview:

    Foreborn: Hey Mr. Orkin, Foreborn here, I run Project McCall, the Call of Juarez Wiki. You might remember me from the time we spoke before, through Tassanee. You may also remember my right hand, "Eagle-Eye" 11Morey. Recently we added -overlord- to our team. First off we'd like to thank …

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  • Foreborn

    There are several new gameplay videos of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger up. I must say this is looking better and better... And I was surprised and very pleased to hear a song from Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and at least one other from Call of Juarez playing in Gunslinger. I ripped the music from both CoJ and BiB and have their full soundtracks in my music library (only missing a few tracksgenerally because they were too short, or duplicates of others), so I listen to the music often.  Btw if anyone wants the soundtracks, I would be happy to share them, all you have to do is ask. But enough of that, let's watch some videos.

    UPDATE: Sources claim the release date has been announced as May 22nd, it will be priced at $14.99.

    Perhaps the most interesting one is Silas Greaves' Story:

    Below is the Code of the West trailer:

    Here is the Arcade Mode Action video:

    This is Shotgun Carnage:

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  • -overlord-

    Guns are Blazing

    April 19, 2013 by -overlord-

    New interview with over six minutes of gameplay:


    From the interview: "The game will come out really soon and we will have an announcement probably somewhere next week." - Blazej Krakowiak

    Check out these two screens also:

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  • Foreborn

    A new trailer for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger has been released in the United Kingdom and can be viewed below. I'm almost excited for this, but a bit wary, not only because of The Cartel but because visually it seems completely different from the previous games, which is more evident in some newer screenshots. Though to be fair, those might have been "spruced up" for better marketing. It also worries me that famous names from the west are being advertised so much, as opposed to the great stories of the first two. That's always a warning flag...

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  • Foreborn

    Call of Juarez Review

    September 25, 2012 by Foreborn

    Let me start this ridiculously long review by saying I love Call of Juarez – but it’s starting showing its age. I’m going to make a few comparisons to Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood because that’s the order in which I have always played the games. I realize that in some cases my nit-picking may be a bit like complaining that chess has no voice acting, but I try to take into account this was six years ago.

    The graphics were not jaw-droppingly impressive back in 2006 (but better than the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion at least), but in 2012 Call of Juarez shows its crow’s feet. There were occasional glitches such as enemies getting stuck on an object but still moving and numerous clipping issues. Despite that, the scenery is still beautiful and although I’m almost certain the audio quality is not as good as the prequel’s, the music is excellent.

    Right then, let’s jump into the actual playthrough. As per usual, I selected Very Hard mode so keep that in mind. In Episode I after being shot at by the…

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  • Foreborn

    You know what’s all too rare these days? A game with a well-written story and characters. I’ll be honest, I have only briefly played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I played the demo, and having repeatedly played Crysis and Crysis Warhead on Delta as (arguably) they were meant to be played, figured I could handle the highest difficulty. Big mistake that resulted in my repeated frustrating deaths. I quickly abandoned the game saying “To heck with this”. Though that incident actually doesn’t figure into my dislike for the Call of Duty series, it’s the fact that Activision churns out the same Call of Duty game every bloody year under a different banner; the story is cheap in each game since at least Modern Warfare 2 and character development is almost nonexistent.

    Story makes a good game. Now that’s not to say that a game HAS to have story to be good, I still enjoy Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy despite its story being poor, but if that game had as good of a story as Call of Juarez:…

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  • -overlord-

    Short list about Gunslinger's features, revealed in different previews.


    • Engine: Modified Chrome Engine 5
    • ESRB rating: MATURE with Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language
    • a Comic book-inspired art style: ”Cell shaded”/vivid graphics
    • Lenght: About 10 hours (not sure is Arcade Mode counted)
    • New character
    • XP point upgrade system:
    - Timer based combo system, (”racks up your kill quantities and shows you an onscreen multiplier as you blast your way through a rogue's gallery. The better your combos, the more experience points you gain; those points, in turn, enable you to upgrade your arsenal.”) - Dual wielding - Faster reloading - More health - Picking up/looting guns from the ground - Melee - Sharpshooting - Concertration mode - Can be updated to auto headshot
    • Death Sense:…
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  • Foreborn

    Removal of Clan Pages

    September 16, 2012 by Foreborn

    I have removed all clan pages. This is a Wiki, things like clan pages belong in a Wiki's forums and not the Wiki itself. In place of Wikia forums, we have CoJFans.

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  • 11Morey

    This morning, Techland has announced the next Call of Juarez game titled: "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger". No details are currently known other than it will be released on PC, XBLA, and PSN for an "early 2013 release".

    The announcement trailer can be seen here:

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  • Foreborn

    List of Categories

    August 31, 2012 by Foreborn

    This is a list of categories used on Project McCall, the Call of Juarez Wiki, made as a guide for editors. As it stands, these are the only categories. Any others added to an article will be replaced with the correct category or removed.

    • Characters
    • Playable Characters
    • Historical Characters
    • Unseen Characters
    • Call of Juarez characters
    • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood characters
    • Call of Juarez: The Cartel characters
    • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger characters
    • Allies
    • Enemies
    • Duel Opponents
    • Deceased

    • Factions
    • Call of Juarez factions
    • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood factions
    • Call of Juarez: The Cartel factions
    • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger factions
    • Allies
    • Enemies

    • Weapons
    • Call of Juarez weapons
    • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood weapons
    • Call of Juarez: The Cartel weapons
    • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger weapons
    • Pistols
    • Revolvers
    • Explosives
    • Melee weapons
    • Rifles
    • Revolvers
    • Submachine Guns
    • Sniper Rifles

    (Note: Multiplayer and Arcade maps do not warrant location categories, unless said maps also appear in the singleplayer campaigns, in which case both …

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  • Foreborn

    100th Article Reached!

    March 9, 2012 by Foreborn

    At long last, we have reached 100 articles on Project McCall! After dilligently ignoring the fact that we have several pages to create working on building PM up for over a year, we have at long last reached our 100th article; which is none other than the most awe-inspiring, almighty article on this Wiki, Ladies and Gentlemen, the chair!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank my colleagues; together we have built up to this milestone.

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  • Foreborn

    Confirmed Facts/CoJFans

    February 23, 2012 by Foreborn

    Two blog posts in one day, you say?! It's been... never, since I've done this. I almost did with the Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review, however editing took so long it was after midnight when I posted it. It is saying this was posted on Feb. 23rd (for me at least) but don't believe it! It's the 22nd, just like the last one!

    I have gone over the information obtained via the source at Techland who shall remain anonymous, and gathered a full list of all the confirmed facts for Call of Juarez and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

    1) Ray McCall was born in 1827.

    2) Thomas and Marisa were born sometime after 1827, as they are both younger than Ray.

    3) Episodes I and II of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood occur in 1864, at this point Ray is 37.

    4) In Episode III Ray is 38. In Episode IV, Ray is either 39, or 40 (Though most likely 39).

    5) Ray McCall never married.

    6) At the start of Call of Juarez, Ray McCall is 57 years old.

    7) Billy Candle was born in 1867 and is 17 at the start of Call of Juarez.

    8) C…

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  • Foreborn

    We have now partnered with the Assassin's Creed Wiki, and hopefully we'll share some editors. They have our logo up with their other partners, and I have theirs on our homepage. Other than that, all this is just a recognition of alliance between our two Wikis, not much else to say besides that. Oh yeah... Remember how back in September 2011, my "The Family Tree" blog post, I prominently stated new canon facts we had obtained for the first game?

    Well, there was actually more information I obtained from my source at Techland, but for some reason I forget I wanted to double-check them, but the source never responded a third time and eventually as we continued trying to contact the source, it soon got buried underneath other issues, and then our hiatus, etc. Point is, the memory resurfaced, so I will be making another blog post soon with ALL the canon facts I obtained from the source, this includes a glance back at the Family Tree blog post.

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  • Foreborn

    It's the annual Nine Days Late Project McCall Anniversary! I had been planning to make a blog post on January 3rd, the day this Wiki was founded but it completely slipped my mind until nine days later! It probably doesn't matter much though 'cause there's only about two people still on the site!

    That aside, let us look forward to a bright new future for PM. Eventually we will finish the articles and achieve our goal of making PM the best (only) Call of Juarez Wiki! Let us also hope Techland gets their shit together and make Call of Juarez 4 as good, or better than the first two games, while also returning to the Old West!

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  • Foreborn

    And We're Back

    January 9, 2012 by Foreborn

    The title says it all. I've returned on scheduel after a hiatus, I suspect 11Morey will be joining me shortly. We'll be getting back to editing current articles and adding in new ones we've been needing for a while starting now. Project McCall may also ally itself with the Assassin's Creed Wiki after we do a bit of clean up. That is all.

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  • Foreborn

    Project Mc-Fall

    November 3, 2011 by Foreborn

    I'll begin by saying this: in this blog post which really isn't news I'll be dancing around the fact I actually have nothing of real importance to say. Am I an idiot for making that the opening line in this blog post? Maybe. What IS of minor importance is the fact that over the past month and a half, we've been rather sluggish in our objectives here at the Wikia. Yes, that's my fault, I've been rather busy. I haven't, nor will give up on our goal though. I do think however a hiatus is in order for all us here at Project McCall, since we've all been rather busy in the late months of the year (and at least in my case, I will be for the remaining months). I propose we basically make official what we've been doing, minor edits here and there, while saving more important future article overhauls/etc for sometime in January.

    Though who knows, I might suddenly get a charm spell (

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  • Foreborn

    “…You should trust us. This is a great western game. This is a new Call of Juarez game and it will be just as great…” –Blazej Krakowiak

    We the fanbase trusted you Techland. You let us down--big time.

    When I saw the first trailer for The Cartel I was impressed, I knew with the change in setting it could never compare to Bound in Blood, but the trailer looked good. The biggest problem I had with it was when Ben fired a slug into a Cartel van; if you watch closely the bullet entry path doesn’t correspond with the wound the driver received… And, apparently they had five gallons of nitroglycerin in the back seat set to go off just after the driver died. TC’s first trailer is a good one that fails to capture the essence of both story and gameplay. Why? Keep reading and you'll find out. As I get into details, prepare to see many comparisons with Bound in Blood and the original Call of Juarez.

    At the beginning of the game, I was thrust into a vehicular firefight down the wrong lane of a semi-cro…

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  • Foreborn

    As celebration (on my part) for the PC version of Call of Juarez: The Cartel being released I have decided to post some confirmed Call of Juarez information. I managed to get into contact with an anonymous, but reliable source at Techland whom confirmed the list of inconsistencies 11Morey and I wrote about the 'Family Tree' released by Ubisoft to GameInformer. Considering the numerous inconsistencies with in-game canon of the first two games we have decided, as the Call of Juarez Wiki to declare the Family Tree non-canon, and a steaming pile of crap. Alongside this we have some confirmed facts for the first game:

    1) Billy Candle was born in 1867 and is 17 at the start of Call of Juarez.

    2) Call of Juarez takes place in 1884.

    3) Billy Candle is Ben McCall's ancestor.

    4) Billy changed his name to McCall in honor of Ray McCall.

    5) When Ray claimed to have not handled a gun in twenty years/has been a priest for that amount of time, he had rounded up the number.

    6) Juarez's claim that he had bee…

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  • Foreborn

    Two New Trailers

    July 19, 2011 by Foreborn

    ...One is the Launch Trailer, as its title states it has been released simultaneously with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of The Cartel. The other is the Multiplayer Modes Trailer. Not much to be said or explained about them, they speak for themselves.

    ...Enjoy your 2 month-earlier-than-PC release, console gamers...

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  • Foreborn

    The Six Trailers

    July 11, 2011 by Foreborn

    Guess what? July 19th TC will be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Turns out, us PC gamers have to wait until Sep 13th to play our copies. So while all you console-users get to go the ball, us PC users have been forced to stay at home by our evil-stepcompany. And unfortunately, the Fairy God-Mother was killed on June 28th, when they were supposed to release it the FIRST time. So essentially, tough luck to all those who have pre-ordered the PC version on Steam, Gamestop or by other companies! Let's just hope they actually have a darn good reason for making us wait!

    Now then, we have three new trailers for The Cartel, each about one of the three characters. From these trailers I have gathered some more info on our protagonists. Kim Evans, as you may or may not know, lost two brothers to gang violence on the streets of LA. Little did we know until now she has a third, younger brother who is also associated with the wrong crowd. A crowd she wishes to protect him from. Eddie Guerra's…

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  • Foreborn

    Co-Op Trailer Released

    June 22, 2011 by Foreborn

    I might be several days late getting to this news, but a new trailer for the Co-Op Multiplayer mode has been released. After going to the official website I sighted this new video and several new screenshots from the game.

    In this trailer we see more of what was shown at Gamespot, the three players in Co-Op assisting each other in combat while competing with one another in the form of challenges ans secret missions, one such is where Ben is assigned VIA a text message on his cell phone to find some guy's wallet. In one of the last scenes in the trailer we see Ben and Kim pointing their guns at each other, and Eddie pointing his pistols at both of them.

    After thinking about this new trailer and the past information, it seems to me that the LAPD, FBI and DEA leading this 'massive joint operation' may all have their own seperate agendas as well, which would be the reasons behind the secret missions. Combine that with the fact Ben McCall is out for revenge against the Mendoza cartel for rea…

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  • Foreborn

    To my surprise, the information I had previously obtained from very reliable sources such as Gamestop, stating the release date for CoJ TC to be June 28th have now changed; The Cartel's release date has been pushed backto July 19th.

    A downer for those of us who are really looking forward to the game, but I'm sure there's some money-grabbing Ubisoft reason.

    In other Cartel news, after searching on the web I have found Gamestop has an article about an exclusive hands-on they had on June 2nd; which, if one doubted the evidence of the Concentration Mode returning from the Law and Disorder trailer, has now definitely been confirmed as present. In Co-Op Concentration Mode will activate for all players until the meter runs down.

    There will also be challenges presented to the players in Co-Op, such as to score six headshots before your teammates do, the winner receives an expierience boost. Also, secret missions will be assigned to each member of the team for them to do alone, without getting ca…

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  • Foreborn

    The release date is official, June 28th! The game is available for pre-order at many different sites, for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and PC Digital. June 6th is E3, Ubisoft may reveal more details on The Cartel. And just for the heck of it, let's check out what we know about the game so far:

    "When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a US law enforcement agency, a US task force begins a blood-soaked quest for justice. Play as Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD cop and descendant of Ray McCall; Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent with a chronic gambling habit; or Kim Evans, a gang-affiliated street kid turned FBI agent. Who you choose determines how the unforgettable story unfolds. As you fight to dismantle the Cartel and unravel the mystery of the bombing, you’ll embark on an epic, bloody road trip from the streets of Los Angeles to Ciudad Juarez. Experience the lawlessness of today’s Wild West as you hunt down the Cartel before the violence escalates north of the border." ~Call of's official informat…

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  • Foreborn

    I am happy to announce that a new trailer for Call of Juarez: The Cartel has been released, 'Law and Disorder'. The narrator at the beginning talks about the legend of a man taming the west, and hints if anyone tried that in Mexico, they would be killed immediately. Of course, this poor narrator isn't familiar with Ben McCall, and his family history. We've learned through this trailer that The D.E.A., F.B.I. and L.A.P.D. have teamed up to stop The Cartel... and that Eddie thinks Ben has an attitude problem. One thing you'll notice is Ben's voice sounds much younger than he looks.On another note, we can only hope Marc Alaimo is voicing someone in this title.

    Although purely speculation on my part, it would appear that the AI has been drastically been improved, and punching found in Call of Juarez has returned in The Cartel, although probably as a 'weapon', instead of a boss-fight event. We are likely to see a variety of cars, along with helicopters and AK-47s (possibly a variation model, …

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  • Ausir

    I am pleased to announce the partnership between our wiki and, Call of Juarez official fansite and the biggest community of the game's fans. We now also have a dedicated board for the wiki in Hopefully it will bring more and more editors and readers to our wiki. Let's also welcome CoJFans founder Tassanee here.

    It is also now possible for all Call of Juarez clans to add pages about their clans to the wiki. Every clan is welcome to do so!

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  • Ausir

    Techland's upcoming Call of Juarez: The Cartel, which moves the series from Wild West times to the modern world, has managed to stir up some controversy despite not many details still being known about the game, which is to be released this summer by Ubisoft.

    Associated Press reports that state legislators of the Chihuahua state in Mexico asked the Mexican federal authorities to ban the game in the country, since it is based on drug cartel shootouts in Ciudad Juarez, in which about 6,000 people were killed in the last two years. The city is considered one of the deadliest cities in the world.

    The state legislature has voted unanimously on a request to the federal Interior Department to ban the game. Congressman Ricardo Boone Salmon says:

    "It is true there is a serious crime situation, which we are not trying to hide (...) But we also should not expose children to this kind of scenarios so that they are going to grow up with this kind of image and lack of values."
    "Children wind up being ea…
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