"Small village in Northern Mexico territory. Calvera and his band of outlaws have been terrorizing the peasants in a little village in Mexico for a long time. But this time, the village is defended by hired gunslingers. Outlaws will try to rob local shops. Then they'll pillage the cantina. They won't even hesitiate to from the local church." -Description of Magnificent from Wild West Legends.

Magnificent is a multiplayer map in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.


A small village is located in Northern Mexico territory. Among other buildings, there is a small square with a marketplace, a saloon and a church. In both Wanted and Manhunt modes the saloon is the main hot zone. It's the most common shelter for wanted players. There is a staircase which leads to the upper floor, on which there is an open balcony which overlooks the lower floor and four empty rooms. The church is another common hideout. It's similar to the church in Taos Pueblo, but the small room on the opposite of the bell tower is not present and there is no scaffolding in the back. Instead, there is a ladder which leads to the room with the bell. Other buildings are sometimes used by wanted players, but are used much less frequently. In Wild West Legends, the Outlaws must first attack a local shop, then the saloon, and finally the church in order to win.


  • Unlike the other maps (which are based on historical events), it seems to have been inspired by the film The Magnificent Seven. The description from Wild West Legends is like the plot of the film (even mentioning Calvera), and the map's name further hints to this.

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