The Juarez National Museum is a museum located in Ciudad Juarez. It is the current location of the Gold of Juarez and appears in Call of Juarez: The Cartel.


In the 1990s, archeologists had finally discovered the legendary Gold of Juarez. It was then placed in the national museum in Juarez, Mexico where it stayed for several years.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

On July 4, 2011, a bomb detonated in the DEA headquarters in Los Angeles killing seven agents. A survivor, Eddie Guerra, joined the Interagency Task Force to destroy a drug cartel in Mexico known as the Mendoza Cartel. He soon became acquainted with homocide-detective Ben McCall and FBI agent Kim Evans.

After several weeks of investigations and various stings, the Task Force discovers that Michael Duke the CEO of the private military contractor Peacekeepers International plans on making a weapons deal with the cartel in the ruins of Raytown near the Grand Canyon. After aiding Duke and his mercenaries in an assualt against captive Vatos Locos that had escaped, Duke proposes to the team (who are in disguise, Ben as a weapons expert named Harris, Eddie as Jesús Mendoza son of cartel boss Juan Mendoza, and Kim as Jesús' girlfriend) that including the 50 million dollars already proposed by Mendoza, Duke also wants the Gold of Juarez to add to his collection of Aztec art and treasure.

After Duke leaves, Ben calls Mendoza to make a hostage exchange (Previously, Antonio Alvarez, the right hand man of Mendoza had captured the Task Force's only witness, a girl named Jessica Stone.) with Mendoza. During the exchange, Mendoza sends his footmen into the Juarez National Museum to steal the Gold of Juarez.

The hostage exchange however fails as Antonio Alvarez assasinates both Jessica and Jesús, pinning their deaths on Kim Evans and Ben McCall respectively.

On August 8th, the task force heads to the New Mexico-Mexico border to shut down the weapons deal. The team navigates a tunnel that leads from a ranchhouse in New Mexico to an alcazar in Mexico. The team guns down several cartel footmen and mercenaries. Afterwards, the team destroys a semi-trailer full of weapons, and sends the remaining weapons to the Mexican government and the Gold of Juarez back to the museum where it currently stays.


  • The museum is never physically seen.
  • The museum is most likely a reference to the Modern Art Museum of INBA.

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