is a supporting character in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. He owns the Candy Store, a gentleman club.

Early LifeEdit

Javier was hired by the Mendoza Cartel to kidnap women and sell them to the Cartel at the Port of Los Angeles. The Cartel would then take the women to various locations throughout the world as sell them.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

Sometime before July 18th, 2011, Nicole Hart was kidnapped by Javier. Nicole's sister Suzy Hart, informed Ben McCall of this.

The Interagency Task Force (comprised of Ben, Eddie Guerra, and Kim Evans, headed to the Candy Store. There the team interrogated several strippers, and discovered a girl named Tina had brought Nicole to the club. The team interrogated Tina, and she revealed that Javier was running the sex trafficking ring. The team chased after Javier, and after engaging in a gunfight with Araña gangsters and Candy Store bouncers, the team captured Javier.

The trio mercilessly punched and kicked Javier to get the information. Javier finally broke, and told the Task Force that he sent the girls to the Port of Los Angeles.

The team contacted SWAT and the LAPD, and Javier was soon incarcerated. It is assumed he is still in prison.


Javier was a young Mexican man in his thirties. He had a clean-shaven face, and crew cut. He wore a magenta dress shirt, grey slacks, and grey shoes.


Javier was a coward, fleeing the Task Force, and clutching himself during his beating. He was also easily intimidated.


  • Javier is the Spanish spelling of the name "Xavier". It means "new house".
  • In beta trailers, Javier wore a white shirt, and white pants.

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