The Hombre is a multiplayer class in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. His sturdiness rivaled only by the Miner and topped only by the Trapper, the Hombre is probably the deadliest at close to mid-range because of his dual Sawed-Off Shotguns. With two shells extra compared to the Trapper and with slightly less health than that class, his only real offset is ineffectiveness at long and in some cases mid-range distances. Because of this, the Trapper is often chosen instead. In game modes such as Wanted, which tend to involve close quarter combat and defense of a building, the Hombre is arguably the most effective. Some people also choose the Miner instead, a similar class using a single Sawed-Off Shotgun and the ever powerful Ranger, in addition to five sets of dynamite in exchange for slightly less speed. The Hombre's model is identical to Julian Ramos, an outlaw encountered in Chapter VI with the exception of the coloring of his clothes.


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