Gray Horse is an abandoned bus station located in Eagle Pass, Texas. It is featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel.


Sometime before, Patrick Stone, Ben McCall and Kevin Donleavy used the bus station as storage for highly classified evidence.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

Retired FBI Agent Kevin Donleavy had a key which could reveal evidence regarding the Independence Day Bombing. After a shootout in Lago Seca, a dying Jessica Stone revealed to Ben and Kim Evans that Eddie "had the key".

Back in Los Angeles, Ben, Kim, and Eddie got into an argument revealing that Kim had killed Donleavy, and Eddie had the key. Eddie said that he didn't know "what the fuck Eagle Pass means", calling it "a bunch of cryptic bullshit". Ben said he knew what it meant, and the three headed to Eagle Pass, Texas.

There, the trio headed to the abandoned Gray Horse bus station, where Ben opened up a locker, and pulled out a cd. The cd was in fact a recorded message from the deceased Patrick Stone, who revealed that Shane Dickson was the mole, and the one who set up the deal with Mendoza and Duke. The message also was an apology to Ben McCall for what Stone did in Vietnam (He had refused to testify against Antonio Alvarez (The main suspect in the bombing) during a rape/murder trial).

Ben then calls Alvarez, and asks him where the re-scheduled weapons deal between the Mendoza Cartel and Michael Duke takes place.


  • It is unknown why the bus station became abandoned.
  • It is also unknown the connection the bus station has with Stone, McCall, and Donleavy, as Donleavy uttered "Eagle Pass" to Eddie, and Ben knew exactly where to go.
  • Gray Horse could be a reference to the bus company "Greyhound".
  • Coincidentally, Gray Horse is located in Eagle Pass, Texas. Greyhound is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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