“I been eating their dust for three days now. Those sons of bitches must know that I’m right behind them. They rode all through the night, but if they think they lost me they’re in for a rude surprise, ‘cause I’m gonna bring some hell down on ‘em.” The Unidentified Deputy, prologue to the “Ghost Town” mission.

Ghost Town is the second of the Extra Missions for Call of Juarez, which are exclusive to the Xbox 360. The Deputy continues his pursuit of the murderous cattle rustlers into a ghost settlement.

<Farm><Showdown At Round Rock>


The Deputy traversed a road on foot, passing a dead woman by a wagon, almost certainly killed by the rustlers and entered the ghost settlement. He was immediately set upon by the lawbreakers, one of them manning a gatling gun. The Deputy made his way behind one of the buildings, and, after eliminating snipers on its rooftop, up a ladder to an adjacent one. On the roof he took a scope rifle and killed the opposition in the streets, before heading down inside the building. At its main entrance, after taking out two more outlaws the Deputy was called out. In the subsequent duel the villain and three of his allies were all killed by the skillful lawman. He then fought his way into the saloon, and after removing every rustler in sight turned to leave, only to be ambushed by the full force of the rustlers. Against all odds the Deputy was victorious, and was approached by the leader of the gang, who said he’d heard of his skills and offered the Deputy a chance to join him. The Deputy took his life in the subsequent showdown.





Achievements (Xbox 360)




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