“I made it through Comanche territory unscathed, but if you ain’t a threat, the Comanches got no reason to shoot you full of arrows anyway. Of course, some whites think all redskins are savages. Personally, I think civilized society has savages that are a hell of a lot more brutal and bloodthirsty. Like this gang of rustlers I’ve been tracking, they’ve already burned down three ranches. Murdering men, women and children. I’ve been following them since yesterday, and I’m slowly closing the gap. Soon they’ll pay for their murdering ways that I guarantee you.” -The Unidentified Deputy, prologue to the "Farm" mission.

Farm is the first of the Extra Missions for Call of Juarez, which are exclusive to the Xbox 360. It introduces the Deputy as the main character as he tracks down a gang of cattle rustlers, presumably in Texas.

<Ghost Town>


The Deputy came across a few criminals, shortly after they’d set fire to a house with people inside. After dealing with the brigands he made his way inside the house and, after dousing the flames on it, removed a chair that was blocking a woman’s escape. The woman inside thanked him and said her child was upstairs, and asked the Deputy to save him. He hastened upstairs using a bucket of water to put out flames in his path, removed a chair and two boxes blocking a second door, opened it and the child ran out to safety. The woman expressed her thanks, but then said that the criminals had stolen their horses which were all that they had, and asked if he could help. The Deputy rode off in pursuit of the remaining criminals, and caught up to them, engaging in a lengthy firefight with them that continued from a creek to a patchy forest. After having seemingly killed the last of the outlaws, the very last of the gang revealed himself and had a showdown with the Deputy, in which the final outlaw was eliminated.



  • Classic Rifle - One can be found inside a shack near the main road at the beginning of the level. Others are used by enemies.
  • Quickshooter - The Deputy starts out wielding two Quickshooters.
  • Ranger - Carried by enemies.
  • Volcano Gun - Two Volcano Guns can be found in the shack beside the main road at the beginning of the level. Others are wielded by enemies.



Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit



  • Oddly, a man's scream is heard coming from inside the house but there is only a woman and a boy inside.
  • The boy has the same model as the Cemetery Boy.

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