Episode XV Intro
"Ray told me to run and maybe I should. I... I could take off with the gold and no one would ever find me. Ray'll save the girl. He don't need me. Probably better if I never see her again. Sure I'll be on the run, but - This time I'll be rich. So why am I still standing here? Maybe I'm just tired of running. Or maybe it's time to stop being afraid. Calm Water tried to help me and now he's dead. Just like my ma. And probably Reverend Ray if I just walk away. No, this time I'm taking a stand. 'Cause if I don't - If I run - Fear will dog me wherever I go. And I will never be free." -Billy Candle, introduction to Episode XV.
E15 Intro Billy

Episode XV, Rescue Me from the Wicked by Your Sword is the fifteenth and final episode of Call of Juarez. Billy Candle returns to Juarez's fort to assist Reverend Ray in his rescue attempt, tired of constantly running.

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  • Secret #39 "Andrzej Zacharewicz" -
  • Secret #40 "Piotr Wojtas" -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Bow Expert (30g) - In Episode XV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with the bow.
  • Story Mode Finished (60g) - Story Mode finished.
  • Very Hard Mode Finished (100g) - Story Mode finished on Very Hard difficulty level.

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