Episode XI Intro
"There is one candle, but three graves. The Gold of Juarez belongs only to the brave. This medallion is for you my darling, I want you to wear it always. Put it on over your corazon. The candle in grave deponent will light your path and protect You from evil. There's only one candle, but three graves.'In the first grave, the bad man sleeps. He might wake up, so shhhhhhh. In the second one, a heart of a rich man with a heart of stone slumbers. For him the gift will not be enough. In the third grave, a beggar lays. You need to light the candle for him, because a little warmth means a lot to a poor man. He'll give you the gold, because the poor are always more generous than the rich. There is one candle, but three graves. The Gold of Juarez belongs only to the brave." -Marisa to a young Billy Candle, introduction to Episode XI.
E11 Intro Marisa

Episode XI, Then He Remembered His Dreams is the eleventh episode of Call of Juarez. After having been captured by Tom Manson, Billy Candle wakes up in Mexico, and is interrogated by Juan "Juarez" Mendoza about the medallion.

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  • Fists
  • Whip
  • Classic Rifle - Used by Mendoza's guards.


  • Secret #31 "Maciej Stelmaszczyk” -
  • Secret #32 "Slawek Strumecki” -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Archeologist (25g) - Finish Episode XI in less than 10 minutes.

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