Episode XIV Intro
"Thomas and I had a younger brother. William. Ah, he was the best of us. A man of faith. We were running cattle over the border from El Paso and would spend time in a little cantina in San Lorenzo. That's where I first laid eyes on Marisa. Oh, I knew she belonged to Juarez, but I wanted her for mine. Marisa had other ideas though. She was in love with Thomas. They ran off together and I tracked them to these very caverns [Gold of Juarez]. Brother William begged me to walk away, but oh, I was crazy with greed. I wanted Marisa... I wanted the gold... Brother William got between me and Thomas and reached into his coat. I thought he was going for a gun... So I shot him. My little brother... and as he fell, I saw what he was reaching for. A bible. In that instant, I renounced evil and embraced the word of God. Oh, we left the Gold. We knew it was cursed. And I dedicated my life to serving the Lord. I tried to make amends, but my sins were too great. Anger, hate, pride, arrogance. Oh Lord, I humbly accept that the time has come for me to offer recompense for my transgressions." - Ray McCall, introduction to Episode XIV.
E14 Intro Ray

Episode XIV, Every Man Armed for Battle is the fourteenth episode of Call of Juarez. After having confronted Juarez and forcing him to retreat in the vault, Reverend Ray enters Juarez's fort with a covered wagon, under the pretense of bringing Juarez the gold in exchange for Molly Ferguson as the warlord demanded.

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  • Secret #36 "Waldek Kaminski" -
  • Secret #37 "Wojtek Pszczolkowski" -
  • Secret #38 "Konrad Zagorowicz" -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Eagles Eye (30g) - In Episode XIV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with the sniper rifle.

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