Episode XII Intro
Juarez: "Out of my way! Finally... I waited so many years... And now it's mine... I knew you'd find your way to the gold... so I followed you. Why? Why did you lie to me?"
Billy: "I never lied!"
Juarez: "You betrayed me, just like your mother! And now you'll die just like she did, on her knees..." -Juarez and Billy after the latter found the Gold of Juarez.
Juarez and Billy

Episode XII, Treasures Hidden in the Sand is the twelfth episode of Call of Juarez. Billy Candle enters a set of caverns and avoids numerous traps in order to locate the Gold of Juarez, to serve as ransom for Molly Ferguson.

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  • Secret #33 "Piotr Sztepiuk" -
  • Secret #34 "Pawel Selinger" -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Spider Hunter (20g) - In Episode XII kill 10 spiders using the whip.

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