Episode XIII Intro
Billy: "Ray?"
Ray: "It's alright boy. I misjudged you and for that I am truly sorry. The Lord is clearly on your side, otherwise, you wouldn't still be alive."
Billy: "They got Molly!"
Ray: "Because of me... But I'm gonna remedy that right now. You go hide yourself."
Billy: "I wanna help-"
Ray: "No, no no no this is my business now. I have to make amends and seek forgiveness for my arrogance. You get yourself to safety. God has told me to rescue this girl and punish those who took her." -Ray McCall and Billy Candle.
Ray and Billy

Episode XIII, The Old Path That Evil Men Have Trod is the thirteenth episode of Call of Juarez. Reverend Ray saves Billy Candle from certain death, and fights his way through the tunnels to rescue Molly Ferguson and bring her abductors to justice.

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  • Secret #35 "Adam Tutaj" -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Fire Raiser (25g) - In Episode XIII kill 3 enemies using fire.

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