Episode IX Intro
"There is one candle, but three graves. The Gold of Juarez belongs only to the brave. This medallion is for you, mija. I want you to wear it always. Put it on over your corazon. The candle engraved upon it will light your path and protect you from evil." -Marisa to a young Billy Candle, introduction to Episode IX.
E09 Intro

Episode IX, Search the River, Brings Hidden Things to Light is the ninth episode of Call of Juarez. After being shot by Reverend Ray and falling into the river, Billy Candle is recovered by an old Apache medicine man named Calm Water. The mysterious medallion has been lost.

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  • Secret #26 "Przemek Kawecki" -
  • Secret #27 "Pawel Zawondy" -
  • Secret #28 "Jakub Sikora" -

Achievements (Xbox 360)Edit

  • Untouchable (40g) - Finish Episode IX without taking a scratch.

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