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"The object everyone's been after, the very thing that caused so much pain and bloodshed, is now in my hands. Seeing Farther told me its secret, and now I too carry the burden. It hangs from my neck like a millstone and Ray gazes at it as lustfully as he does at Marisa. Maybe it is better I hold it, otherwise my brothers would kill each other to possess it. I pray to the Almighty for our safe passage from this dangerous place. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me." -William McCall, introduction to Chapter XII.
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Chapter XII of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood takes place in Act IV: Deeper Into A Wilderness. Ray and Thomas engage in a brawl, which distracts the Apache braves guarding Marisa, allowing her to escape with Seeing Farther and William. Some time later, their fight is interrupted by cannon fire as Colonel Barnsby's forces suddenly begin assaulting the Apache camp.

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Chapter XII
Ray confronted Thomas about what Seeing Farther said, his brother revealed that Marisa only said she wanted to be with Ray in hope he would kill Juarez. Ray said that Marisa was his, and a fight ensued. Before it could come to a conclusion, Colonel Barnsby and his men began attacking the Apache camp. Thomas and Ray worked together and brought down a landslide on their cannons, which slowed them down. The assault ceased a short while later, and Barnsby approached the McCalls and Running River. He announced he was here for the medallion, and if Running River gave it to him, he would exchange it for something the Chief held dearly. One of his men revealed a captured Seeing Farther.
Ray&#039;s Demolition

Running River claimed that Seeing Farther was Apache, and would face death bravely. Barnsby replied that all his village was destroyed, his people were dead, that Seeing Farther was his last male heir. Running River said to let him go, and he would get the medallion. Barnsby disagreed, and said he wanted it in his hands. He instructed him to bring the medallion to the ghost settlement before sundown the next day, or else Seeing Farther would die. The Chief prepared to go and retrieve it, but Thomas stated it was not where he thought it was. Running River asked who would dare take it, Ray retorted his son.





  • Man of the Hood (15g) - On chapter XII, playing as Thomas, use only bow throughout the whole level.