Candy is a minor character featured in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. She is a stripper and prostitute working at the Candy Store.

Early LifeEdit

What little is known about Candy is she has a dislike for Tina, claiming she "bumps uglies for the price of a new pair of shoes." This could possibly mean the two had a bout before the events of The Cartel, or her attitude is acting.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

Eddie Guerra interrogated Candy while looking for Tina. Candy reveals she is upstairs.


Candy appears to be in her twenties, has brown hair, wears a silver necklace, pink bra, black assless chaps, and pink panties.


Candy seems to dislike men who refuse her services, and can be very arrogant when this has been done.


"Hi, I'm Candy. Want a taste?"

"Hello Candy, no I am looking for Tina. A latina, late twenties?"

"Maybe it's time to try a different flavor."

"Hey you can't fight true love."

"True love? Ha! Your true love is upstairs bumping uglies for the price of a new pair of shoes."

"Shit, I hope those are expensive shoes." - Candy and Eddie Guerra


  • Judging by her accent, she appears to be East European.

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