Burnside's Bridge
"Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 17. 1862. Burnside's Bridge played a key role in the Battle of Antietam. Attacking Union soldiers' must charge across the open field to enemy trenches and destroy the explosive stores. Then they'll rush up the hill, fighting past the fortifications all the way to the top, and silence the long range field artillery." -Description of Burnside's Bridge from Wild West Legends.

Burnside's Bridge is a multiplayer map in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.


The map takes place in a battlefield of the Civil War, surrounded by hills. The complex is made of a series of large trenches and a fort built on the hill which overlooks the field. On the other side, the steep Antietam creek borders the sides of the main battle zone, and the eponymous bridge crosses it. The trenches have a the road which leads to the uphill fort, on all game modes except Wild West Legends, the road is blocked.

In Manhunt, The 'tall' trench room connected to the base is usually the place where most wanted players stay, because the single-way-in can act as a bottleneck from where the defenders of the Wanted man mow down any enemies trying to enter. However, with a good aim it's possible to throw dynamite from the trenches and directly into the tall wooden walls, wounding or killing the Wanted man. Another hiding spot which is sometimes used is the two 'canyons' at the ends of the creek. In all cases, however, there's only a way in, so if the attackers break through, the Wanted man will have no escape.

In Wild West Legends, the three objectives to blow up are the storage in the trench system, a second storage on the road uphill, and the cannons on top of the hill. Trying to reach it is often very hard because the defenders are barricaded. The final fight on top of the hill is especially straining and needs teamwork because the cannons which must be destroyed are directly at the defenders' spawnpoints, which means they can spawn and kill the dynamite-planter almost immediatly. Snipers favor the trees as cover and often earn the highest bounties in a match as a result of being able to blend into the foliage.


  • A glitch can be performed at the zone where the fort's road is blocked: a Spy can start running on each wall, going back and forth, reaching high enough to be able to jump over the block, and enter the fort (which is supposed to be entered only in Wild West Legends).
  • Burnside's Bridge exists in real life, albeit it's made of stone unlike the wooden one in-game. The geography of the surroundings seems similar, as the creek is bordered by hills and crests. However, the creek doesn't form a 'gorge' in real life.

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