The Bull's Head Saloon was a saloon in Abilene, Kansas, which appeared in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Here, Silas Greaves tells of his life and his quest to seek revenge for his brothers' deaths. There are two know employees at the Bull's Head Saloon, Molly the waitress and Ben, they are two of the people being told Silas Greaves story.

Real lifeEdit

The Bull's Head Saloon was a real life tavern. Ben Thompson and Phil Coe opened it 1871. When the tavern's owner, Phil Coe, outraged the townspeople by painting a bull, complete with an erect penis, or pizzle, on the outside wall of his tavern, Wild Bill Hickok, the marshal at the time, threatened to burn the saloon to the ground if the offending animal was not painted over. Instead, he hired some men to do the job, which angered Coe. The two became enemies and in a later altercation, Wild Bill Hickok killed Coe. He also accidentally shot and killed Abilene Special Deputy Marshal Mike Williams who was coming to his aid. This event haunted Hickok for the remainder of his life.

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