Barnsby's Renegades

Barnsby's Renegades were a massive collection of former Confederate soldiers who refused to surrender to the Union Army during the events of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. They conducted several raids through Arkansas and Oklahoma, robbing banks, trains, and hijacking supply convoys. The U.S. Army came after them, driving Barnsby and his men into Mexico where they worked as gun runners.


Soldiers who served during the Civil war, who fought for the confederate cause. These men served with conviction too stop the Union army winning the war. Colonel Barnsby sometime after the Fall of Atlanta, an end of the war which ended in Union victory. Having gathered all those willing too continue the fight against the Union. Becoming lawless outlaws, fighting their own personal war against the Union, an hoping too revive the Confederacy.

Call of Juarez: Bound in BloodEdit

(Work in Progress)

Known MembersEdit

  • Colonel Jeremy Barnsby - Leader of the outlaws. Shot dead in a duel with a McCall after the destruction of his unit in 1866.
  • Sergeant O'Donnell - Barnsby's right hand man. Died in 1866 after confronting Thomas or Ray McCall.


(Work in Progress)


  • It is the largest enemy faction in the game.
  • Despite being the main antagonists in the game, they are only fought in four of the fifteen Chapters.
  • The renegades wore mainly their confederate uniforms. Some were without a coat, and wore a white undershirt. Several still used their grey kepis, but some swapped their uniforms' hats for regular hats.

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