Baressi is a supporting character in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. He is an agent of the DEA, internal affairs.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

Baressi serves as one of the informants for Ben McCall. Baressi is investigating Eddie Guerra on suspicions of stealing drugs and selling them on the streets.

During the Interagency Task Force's raid on the Vatos Locos marijuana plantation, Shande Dickson informs Ben McCall that he will recieve a call from Baressi.

The next evening, Baressi calls Ben McCall while he is heading to the Candy Store gentlemen's club.



Baressi is a medium built man with a prominent nose, short black hair, brown eyes, and a thing mustache. He wears a black pinstripe suit and white shirt. He appears to be of Hispanic heritage.


Baressi is a person who is cautious of those around him (especially Eddie Guerra). He also isn't hesitant to reveal vital information to those he works with.


"Where are you?"

"Where are we? Somewhere so deeply fucked up, I'm not sure there's no coming back." - Baressi and Ben McCall


  • Baressi seems to be of Hispanic heritage, but his name is of Italian origin.

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