Angel is a minor character in Call of Juarez: The Cartel. He is a bouncer working at the Candy Store, in Los Angeles.


For an unknown amount of time, Angel was employed at the Candy Store serving as a bouncer along with another man.

Call of Juarez: The CartelEdit

The Interagency Task Force discovered a lead about women disappearing at the Candy Store. The group headed to the nightclub, where DEA agent, Eddie Guerra tried to gain entrance. Angel denied saying that the club is packed and he "wouldn't want to piss off the fire marshal". The manager, a woman named Dolores allowed the three to enter, saying she owed Suzy Hart a favor.

It is unknown what happens to Angel afterwards, although it is likely he is killed in the gun battle in the Candy Store.


Angel was an imposing Mexican man who wore a black suit. He had his hair slicked back, and had a thin mustache, with a wrinkled face.


Angel was very good at his job, and seemed to be one who tried not to break the law.


  • Angel is a common masculine name in Spanish-speaking countries. It means "angel" or "messenger".
  • Angel's character model bears a striking similarity to actor Danny Trejo.

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