Abilene is town in Kansas featured in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Abilene began as a stage coach stop in 1857. The town was established by Timothy Hersey and named from a passage in the Bible, meaning "city of the plains". The town grew quickly when Joseph G. McCoy decided to use the town for the location for his stockyards. Abilene became the very first "cow town" of the west.

With the railroad pushing west, cattle traders soon came to use Abilene as the largest stockyards west of Kansas City. The Chishlom Trail ended in Abilene, bringing in many travelers and making Abilene one of the wildest towns in the west.


Call of Juarez: GunslingerEdit

Abilene is the town where the Bull's Head Saloon is located. The town also features in a playable level: Be Quick or Be Dead. In the Bull's Head Saloon, Silas Greaves duels John Wesley Hardin and also tells the story of Gunslinger.


  • In Bound in Blood, the Rattler says he killed "Jericho Kid" in Abilene.

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